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Anti-Virus Golden Spyware

Just by the sound of it, AntiVirusGolden may appear to be your savior against spywares and other malware. Well, think again and the answer experts come up with is “No”. This is for the simple reason that AntiVirusGolden is nothing but a rogue anti spyware program. Although it promises to remove any existing spywares from your computer, the fact that it uses tricks for the process of installation makes it a very annoying and deceptive anti spyware program. Apart from manual installations, AntiVirusGolden can also be installed automatically through malware such as TrojanZlob.

Anti Virus Gold Installed

What Is AntiVirusGolden

AntiVirusGolden is known to display pop ups, stating that the user’s computer is in danger or is infected by a spyware that needs immediate action. In some cases, this program is also known to change the wallpaper on the desktop to some kind of a phony warning cautioning the user of a spyware threat.

It also takes control over the web browser in such a way that when the user clicks on any pop ups, instead of directing him to the proper destination, it directs him to a website that he never desired to see in the first place. Most of these problems are encountered when the user opts for the trial offer of the AntiVirusGolden.

How Does AntiVirusGolden Work

The main objective of the program is either to entice a user for buying the product or evoking enough fear in him under false pretences that he buy the full version of the spyware by way of displaying annoying and false warning messages. www.antivirusgolden.com was registered through www.estdomains.com which included other forms of rogue anti spywares like SpyAxe and SpywareStrike that promised removal of spywares but did nothing in that respect.

In case your computer has the trial version of AntiVirusGolden, you will probably get warning messages like “Your computer has been infected with the latest version of spyware-XYZ.” In order to protect your system, you are asked to download/install the latest version of AntiVirusGolden. The risk level declared by the message may be anywhere from medium to high risk which further entices the user to download the product as soon as possible.

The Infection

One of the most common ways to be tainted by these spyware removal programs is by way of installing an infected codec program in the form of any corrupted video downloads. In some cases, even Smitfraud is responsible for the installation of programs like SpyAxe and AntiVirusGolden. The fake messages displayed also includes the various “symptoms” that the user’s computer is bound to suffer in case the program is not installed.

You Are Infected Antivirus Golden

These so called “symptoms” would include harmful factors like low Internet speed, slow computer performance, increase in the number of pop up windows, etc. AntiVirusGolden aims at stirring up fear in the mind of the user so as to give them a run for your money. If you’re wondering how this program managed to affect your system, look no further.

There are many sites that offer free downloads, may it be songs, videos and especially games, programs like AntiVirusGolden can easily attach itself with any of these programs and affect your computer without the user having the slightest clue in this respect. Even e-mails are a popular way for spreading these programs, especially when you open a .doc or .xls attachment.

Although there are no reports about this program causing any major damage to a computer system, it is always better to be in favor of uninstalling this anti spyware instead of favoring its installation.

Removing AntiVirusGolden Spyware

Are You Safe?

The best advice an expert could provide in this matter would be not to click the OK button on the warning message since that will only make things more complicated. If you still click OK then you’ll be directed to the AntiVirusGolden homepage where you will be asked to buy the full registered version of the anti spyware, which experts strictly regard it to be a foolish decision.

Uninstalling AntiVirusGolden may not be as easy as it seems. Dig out all the information you can about this program before you decide to get rid of it. AntiVirusGolden comes in the elite rogue category of RansomWare. It means that this program allows other malware to invade the user’s computer and later on asks you to buy the product promising him to get rid of those problems (malware).

Therefore, if you ignore it, your computer is prone to multiple malware problems. You can try to remove AntiVirusGolden yourself by going to Add/Remove Programs section and try uninstalling it. However, you’ll soon find out that the program was never removed in the first place when you restart the computer. That’s because though you wouldn’t find any traces of the program, your computer may still be infected with the malware brought in earlier by AntiVirusGolden.

Another way to remove this program is by going through the system registry and getting rid of all the files supporting the program. This should be done with utmost care since any mistake on your part can seriously damage your computer system.

The easiest way to get rid of AntiVirusGolden would be taking help from other anti spywares like ParetoLogic or Spyware Detector. These anti spywares are specifically programmed to remove harmful and annoying programs like AntiVirusGolden. They will go through every file looking for this program and also other threats brought in by the source (AntiVirusGolden) itself. The programs thus detected are immediately deleted and once after the scanning process the computer is restarted, the remaining bugs and other traces of the program are also destroyed.

Once these anti spywares are updated regularly, your computer will be assured protection against AntiVirusGolden at any given point of time.

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