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Adwares are a boon to advertisers who swear that they never mean any harm to the users. Well, all adwares promise that, don’t they? The outcome can obviously be predicted, i.e., your computer performance is adversely affected. Adwares are known to allow pop ups to appear on the screen whenever the user is browsing the Internet. Though adwares act as advertising tools, not all of them have good intentions. In fact, many adwares are known to report the user’s activity, more specifically his personal information to the adware creator.

Who Created Aurora?

Aurora is an adware developed by the ABI Network as a means to promote advertising of products and services. Although this particular adware promises to be safe, i.e., not threatening to disclose your personal information to any third party or an intruder, it can still be a headache to the users. If you have Aurora on your computer, you’d probably had to face a lot of pop ups whenever you’re browsing. Aurora is programmed to monitor your browsing activities and stores the data with respect to the sites that you visit. When your computer is affected by Aurora, you are bound to notice some changes in your computer.

Changes Are:

How Does Aurora Work?

The reason for these changes in the computer is the constant working activity of Aurora. Aurora is specifically programmed to monitor the keywords that you type and accordingly, it searches its database for the similar keywords and sends you pop up ads. For instance, if you’re looking for information relating to super-bikes, Aurora immediately displays ads relating to bike manufacturers, spare-parts, etc.

However, if Aurora does not locate the specific keyword from its database, the user will be shown any advertisement that is not even closely related to what he was looking for in the first place. This is exactly where this adware start to get annoying where he sees advertisements that are of no relevance to him.

Besides, with Aurora infecting your computer, websites will take minutes for loading when earlier that used to be done only in matter of seconds. Sometimes a user won’t even know that he is downloading Aurora on his computer until its too late. That’s because many free softwares allow this adware to be attached to itself during the course of installation.

Aurora can be removed very easily from any computer but it should be removed immediately on detection. You can use any anti spyware software to clean your system from Aurora adware. Getting your system rid of Aurora ensures the speed and performance of your computer.

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