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A Look At Counter Spy

The concept of invisible surfing as offered by many Internet security software firms is certainly quite enticing, but you need not pay much attention to these claims simply because in reality, there is no software yet that can provide complete anonymity.

What this implies is that you will always leave some identifiable footprints while surfing the Internet even when you might have installed the best Internet security software on your computer.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that this type of information gets stored on your computer, something that can easily be accessed by hackers.

However, in spite of all these threats, you can still consider yourself lucky because SunBelt, the top-notch Internet security firm has just released the latest in Internet security tools and technologies.

The product named ‘Counterspy’ is being marketed as a spyware detector, but when we tested it, we found that it has many other features such as real-time protection and online privacy protection. Some of the other prominent features that are worth mentioning are described below.

User Interface and Product Application

Downloading the installing the software was quite easy and we did not encounter any problems whatsoever. When we started the scanning test, we found that the User Interface (UI) was quite easy to use, perfect for beginners and home users. Advanced users need not lose heart because the software also offers advanced settings and tools.

Most of the security buttons such as ‘real-time protection’, ‘detailed scanning’ and others are provided in the home screen itself, which means that you will not have to click a million times to perform the desired task. Detection logs, tools and report buttons are also built in the home screen, making it easier for you to verify the existing security settings and check if some areas of your computer need your attention.

The software performed remarkably well in our spyware detection test and we were literally amazed because the software detected all the spyware on our test machine. That’s 100 percent accuracy mind you! Moreover, we also found that the software checks for updates automatically, a feature designed to protect your computer from the latest security threats.

Favorite Feature: Surfing History Cleaner

The software has an automatic surfing history cleaner that you can enable or disenable as per your requirements. If you do not want others users to know your surfing details, then just enable this feature. All your surfing history and your search entries will then get automatically deleted as soon as you exit the browser.

Counterspy Features


As mentioned earlier, the free trial version is available for 15 days. Even the licensed version will not burn large holes in your pockets because it is available for just $ 19.95 (annual subscription). If you want, you can also opt for the 3-user, money saving pack available for just $44.25. The best part is that the software is available with a solid 30 days guarantee, no questions asked.

Customer Support

It’s highly unlikely that you will face problems while using Counterspy, but in case you do face problems, you can always get help from the company-operated customer support. You can call customer support anytime between 9am to 8pm on weekdays. Your call will be directly transferred to a customer care executive, which is certainly better than other support services that just keep asking you to punch numbers after numbers.

If your problem is not urgent, you can take the easy way out by submitting your queries online. You will get a personalized reply in not more than two days. You can also join Counterspy’s online forum to seek inputs, suggestions and feedbacks from actual users.

To sum it up, we can say that Counterspy excels in most areas such as online security, user-friendliness, and pricing. It’s also Vista ready, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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