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ErrorSafe - Complete Guide

ErrorSafe is an elevated security risk that provides 'false-positive' reports of the existence of malware on a computer and forces the user to purchase a registered version of the software in order to remove these reported threats. After the application infects desktop files, it causes errors on the desktop through pop-up viral alerts and continuous reconfiguring or redirecting the browser homepage to the manufacturers website. The infection can insert advertising-related components into the Winsock Layered Service Provider chain. The elevated risk can also monitor and transmit potentially sensitive data.


This application comes under the class of 'Rogue Security Programs', as it attempts to swindle and badger its users into making purchases of the program online. The 'Rogue security program' is an application specifically created to use aggression or manipulative advertising on the user and are installed without adequate consent and notice through hacking and back door methods.

Reasons for an 'ErrorSafe' Hack

The ErrorSafe application can easily bundle itself with other spyware/malware, that install themselves, taking advantage of the security shortcomings of a computer.
There are other reasons, why error-safe could plague your computer:

Reason #1: Trying to download unauthorized copies of software from questionable websites or installing freeware or shareware program, would surely invite spyware. Freeware programs often have spyware embedded in their files, which may infect your system files.

Reason #2: Prolonged connectivity over a peer-to-peer (P2P) or shared private network application. ErrorSafe is known to bundle itself in some peer-to-peer file sharing programs, as an add-on software or utility.

Reason #3: by visiting a ‘ghost’ website and loading its web page, you can automatically install malicious software such as ErrorSafe. These websites may often display a fake security pop-up that may install ErrorSafe or direct you to a purchase page.

The ErrorSafe application sponsors affiliate programs, via softwareprofit.com. Websites that would participate in this program were paid highly, to force ErrorSafe installation on their visitors.  Once installed, the application would set a registry key to automatically launch the program on startup. The ErrorSafe application is easily uninstalled manually through the Add/Remove applet in the Windows Control Panel. ErrorSafe is the same program as WinFixer.

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The ErrorSafe Strain

The ErrorSafe malware has the same set of code as the ‘Aurora Network's Nail.exe hijacker/spyware’ program. If the program is not uninstalled quickly, it may anchor itself deep into the Internet Explorer base code and become an essential part of the program at runtime. By becoming a runtime component, it is required for the proper functioning of Internet explorer and thus cannot be removed, which makes it impossible to detect and remove. Closely related to the Vundo and Virtumonde viruses, the application installs "DllRunning" in the registry. The program installs HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and a randomly named dll file into C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Damage Caused By the ErrorSafe Strain: 
The spyware does not allow its user to create a new file in the Windows system folder.
Instead, it would at every instance, binary files such as

These files are encrypted and contain vital information that would be sent to the remote administrator. The spyware also modifies oppn.dll in the registry, creating four separate instances at four different places. However, the primary damage is done through the popup ads and windows error messages such as “****** performed an illegal operation”

In addition, Registry access and system monitoring becomes restricted and the computer suffers a slowdown. Besides, overtime the system is refused access to the Internet as the IP address does not remain stable and becomes dynamic. As a result, the system needs to be rebooted, several times in a day. 
Prolonged exposure to this application can cause shutdown problems, which may force the user to turn off the power to start the system.


Is Your Computer Safe?

Strains of ErrorSafe are complex, and can never be removed unless a ‘low-level formatting’ procedure is followed. The procedure itself takes approximately seven to eight hours to complete, and can permanently damage the hardisk.  Thus, preventing ErrorSafe is the best cure.

Among the worst affected by the ErrorSafe infection is the Internet Explorer, as it freely permits the install of cookies and Active X agents. ErrorSafe can be best prevented through a hardware or router firewall, however the larger strains are easily ignored.

The smartest method of preventing ErrorSafe is by manually closing the browser, after an ErrorSafe popup appears. The popup encloses a link and so it advisable not to click anywhere or try to close it. By doing this, the program will automatically download itself into your machine. The best option is to use the exit function (ALT+F4) or the Task Manager to close your browser

ErrorSafe removal procedure:

 A large number of users follow a very basic spyware removal technique. They try to delete
C: \ Program Files \ ErrorSafe using Windows Explorer and registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ ErrorSafe using regedit.exe without realizing that ErrorSafe has some files hidden in the Internet explorer and can either repair itself or start regenerating the 'Windows error' notifications usually when Windows restarts.

The Manual Removal of ErrorSafe

The path is “%ProgramFiles%\ErrorSafe Free”

'Dll' files are required to for the program processes to run:FxCore.dll,MMFx.dll,FWraper.dll,FRec.dll,FlFxr15.dll,ESSPChck.dll
df_proxy.dll, ecc.dll,dffixer.dll,espcheck.dll,esspcheck.dll,ffwraper.dll

ERScw.exe ERScw errorsafenewreleaseinstall[1].exe ERS2.exe FxCore.dll UERScw.exe ,UERScw ErrorSafeFree pvmodule.exe PVModule etc

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