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LavaSoft Ad-Aware

Probably one of the best anti-spyware and anti-adware utility, the updated version of Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware has just been released. The updated version allows for improved detection of adware and malware and effective scanning that uses less of your system’s resources. Not to forget the all-new snazzy user interface that’s quite easy to use. The updates are applicable to all the three variants that are marketed as Ad-Aware Free, Plus and Pro.

You can download the updated version of Ad-Aware Free from here

PS Note: The updated versions Ad-Aware currently do not support Microsoft’s Vista operating system. Vista-compatible versions are slated to be released in August.

A review of Ad-Aware Free

The updated version of the Ad-Aware Free has many new features and utilities, which are reasons enough for users to make the shift from the existing Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition.

I tested the updated version of Ad-Aware Free myself and found that it certainly delivers what all it promises. For example, the scanning time was cut down to half, just as promised. However, I had no other option but to take Lavasoft’s words for the new rootkits detection and removal utility obviously because my computer is not infected with rootkits.

A new privacy tool, TrackSweep, has been added, which basically erases all traces of Internet browsing from your system. It works well with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera web browser.

The user interface has been tweaked so as to make it easier for users to carry out manual scans, view results, and perform other security tasks.

The latest version is programmed to receive regular updates, something that automatically makes it more reliable then its predecessors that only had periodic updates and as a result took a long time to download and install.

Are the Premium versions better than the Free edition?

Well, no doubt about that because the Plus version itself provides real-time scanning that detects adware, spyware, and malware before they actually get to install on your computer. With just $27 required for the upgrade, you can easily make the shift from the Free edition to the Plus version.

Other prominent features of the Plus version include:

What’s even better in the Pro Version?

Available for just $40, the Pro version provides additional protection such as detection and removal of key loggers, which helps in stopping identity theft attempts. It also has the ability to scan multiple PC’s connected to a network.

PS Note: Existing Plus and Pro users can upgrade to the new version for free


The Ad-Aware Free is certainly an excellent post-infection tool. You can depend on it as long as you do have much to hide from unscrupulous hackers. However, if you make most of your transactions online, it is recommended that you opt for the Plus or Pro version that are designed to provide complete peace of mind.

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