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What Is LimeWire?

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LimeWire is a basic file sharing program developed by LimeWire LLC that uses Java based platform to locate and share files through Gnutella network. The program is for only for the exception of LimeWire Pro that aims at the corporate customers costing about $24.95. It is a very useful program especially when people want to share their vacation photos, favorite songs, etc. This software is compatible with Linux, Windows and many other systems and the users swear by its features convinced by its hassle-free working.

If this program is that good, then why term it as a spyware and turn away from it? The reason why anti spywares like Spyware Terminator have termed this program as a spyware is simple. Since this software is free for the public, many other programs attach themselves to LimeWire during the course of installation.

Even during the downloading process, the user is completely unaware of the additional programs, possibly malware, being installed along with LimeWire. Hence, anti spyware companies have posed the impossible question that if they aren’t spywares then they’re spyware carriers, doesn’t that make them spywares too? Somehow the answer or the feedback that is received is that of mixed reaction.

That’s because there are people who use this software and are pretty happy about it while on the other hand there are people whose computers are infected by Trojans and other malware, all thanks to the “free” installation of LimeWire. Using LimeWire is good only when you’re looking to share files and other programs with other users. For those who are not interested in the file sharing process, this software is definitely not meant for them.

Limewire is Closed

Besides, this process of sharing files is known to slow down your Internet connection so you can forget about getting that wonderful Internet experience that you always dreamed of. When you’re using the LimeWire software there is always a threat to your privacy since the other users are free to access your computer whenever they feel like. Though LimeWire ensures that the user’s posted information will remain confidential, wily users will have no problem gaining access to that either.

On installing LimeWire, the other users have full access to your login, passwords, online banking accounts, etc. Even if your computer has a firewall ready for attack, they will always fail in case of LimeWire presence in your computer. Removing LimeWire is certainly not a problem for most anti spywares. Anti spywares like ParetoLogic and Spyware Terminator remove LimeWire on detection.

Although using LimeWire raises a question regarding the user’s privacy, people still use it in their workplace that requires such type of file sharing. However, it should be remembered that LimeWire always comes with security threats and removing it is perhaps the best choice.

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