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Spy Sweeper Review

Spywares are posing as a threat everyday adapting new and sophisticated forms to interfere with the user’s computer and baring his personal information out in the open, which can later be viewed by the host of SPYWARE. In order to keep a check on these programs, Webroot has launched an anti spyware software called the SpySweeper.

Spyware detects and successfully removes the spyware that affects the computer. Webroot has collaborated with one of the top UK based companies SOPHOS Anti-Virus to launch the Webroot SpySweeper. Therefore, Webroot has successfully created a product that is anti spyware and at the same time an anti-virus product.

Webroot SpySweeper with Anti-Virus is one of the best anti spyware softwares ever launched. The Version does not include a virus scanner for e- mail and IM that remains unprotected. However, Webroot promises its customers to solve this problem in the later version.


The Webroot SpySweeper is available for purchase at retail outlets as well as downloads at some websites, either with the anti-virus component enabled or without it. The existing SpySweeper customers have the option of upgrading their product to the Version by paying only $10. Besides, there are no problems that can be encountered while installing the anti spyware along with the anti-virus. Uninstalling the SpySweeper is not at all difficult since the software comes with an “Uninstall” icon. During performance testing, it was also found that there were no traces of the SpySweeper software after rebooting the computer.


The interface of the SpySweeper version is almost the same as version 5. It only has the exception of a small enabled icon in the top right corner. In addition, the fact of the part played by SOPHOS with respect to the anti-virus totally remains hidden. It means that there is no separate configuration when it comes to virus scans. An extra feature in the interface of the SpySweeper is that the colored tabs lets you know about the progress of the scanning activity, namely, Sweeping, Quarantine and Summary.


The SpySweeper software has three options to check spywares. They are:


Webroot has made significant changes in the coding to improve the overall aspect of scanning for spywares as well as viruses. When this software was tested in the harshest situations with various spywares and viruses (exception of e-mail), it was found that there were no problems with respect to performance.

The whole idea of partnering with an Anti-Virus company was very innovative and successful. Though the need for protection from e-mail related viruses is an issue to consider, SpySweeper remains a popular choice as an anti spyware product.

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