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Malware, Adware, spyware, and are not like worms or viruses that self replicate but they can be equally harmful like their counterparts in disrupting your normal computer functions.

Over the years, Spyware has become one of the biggest threats to privacy and security. The term 'Spyware' became popular in late 90's, when computers detected small bits of code that could send user information to websites over the Internet, however, today Spyware is used to steal access to computers or monitor bank and financial transactions. Spyware have the ability to track your Internet surfing habits for their marketing purposes.

Certain spyware like the key loggers that are well equipped in actually logging your keystrokes, which in turn could be used for stealing credit card details and passwords. Overall, a spyware can develop into an automated hijacking program that can run processes through your computer and can ruin your virtual identity and credibility.

Initially, Anti-spyware programs were more passive and had to rely on their search abilities for finding existing Spyware installed on the browser or PC. As the spyware troubles grew, a better type of anti-spyware package was developed that could detect and block spyware directly from its source. Popularly known as 'Spyware blocker' and remover, these programs were first developed by the Javacool Software Company and were named 'SpywareBlaster'. The program offered real- time detection and protection, and can scan and remove existing files.

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A Spyware blocker and remover is more efficient, with a 99% error-free count, however, If a Spyware blocker fails in blocking the entry of a Spyware program, the Spyware can anchor themselves in the system files, resisting attempts to delete or un-install. Some spyware programs spawn in pairs and can replace each other, whenever a single one is terminated. Some spyware programs can resist changes in the registry and can add the Registry keys again. If a system experiences, such spyware, re-booting the system in safe mode and running the Spyware blocker and remover program, can improve searches.

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