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STOPzilla Review

STOPzilla is based at Palm Beach Gardens, Fla and is a privately held company that develops pioneering popup eliminating solutions. It was initially launched in April 2002 as a popup suppression product and grew to become a favorite popup killer for Internet consumers all over the world. It has won a five star rating from Tucows that is renowned on the Internet as one of the trust worthiest software rating services.

The exceptional product, STOPzilla battles today's popup hindrances by not only averting unsolicited popups generated by most web sites, but also routinely restraining third-party ad delivery applications like Adware and Spyware that have been installed by free software downloaded.

We all have experienced the troubles of spam email messages and telemarketing calls and so we know how annoying, time consuming and disruptive they can be to our schedule. In the same way, users that browse the Internet experience the same feelings with pop-under ads and pop-ups. These online banners surface out of nowhere when users are surfing the web and create inconveniences for the users.

So to stop the torrent of pop-ups, users definitely require a little help and STOPzilla does just that. Besides eliminating the barrage of pop-ups, STOPzilla features program tools that disable spyware and adware which actually stealthily get stored on the PC and are the main source of problems. This is done because most users accidentally or unknowingly download and install free programs that also include adware and spyware. The benefit of using STOPzilla is that it knows how these annoying spyware and adwares operate, when the programs try to serve ads, STOPzilla detects and render them inoperative.

When compared with other such softwares, STOPzilla stands out as the first and absolute popup killing product that sources the root of the problem. It takes action against the true ad delivery systems, like adware that are third party programs responsible for spawning ads and Spyware that watches Web-browsing interests of PC users and then sends details to a third party. Then they send relevant ads to the user after finding out their surfing habits.
Another bonus of using STOPzilla is that it has a very easy to understand interface, and has a separate function that allows deletion of history, cookies, temporary data etc trying to maintain a users privacy to the extreme.

So now we know what adware and spyware are capable of, but they are just one source of the pop-ups. The other source of pop-ups is when users visit particular sites. STOPzilla detects these ads well before then can be generated and stops them dead in their tracks. To make it easier for users to understand what has been blocked and at which website, STOPzilla provides a Black List screen. In case you wish to view a few of these pop-ups you could view them by removing them from the list.

There are many other configurations that make STOPzilla more user friendly, for instance you have the choice of starting STOPzilla when the PC starts up. Users can also set an alarm or make STOPzilla display a warning message every time it discovers a pop-up.

With these additional features, STOPzilla provides its consumers enhanced customer support via email, phone support, online chat and an online database. The live chat is available on their homepage that can be selected from a box. The support on phone can be acquired by calling them on a toll-free number at 1-877-877-9944. Users of STOPzilla have raved about the helpful and quick response, answering to enquiries and providing solutions in minutes. Email request were replied to within an hour and this has been quite a surprise to users even after they have a database of users from over 60 countries. The responses to any query are informative and broad, helping the user to the maximum. This has proved that STOPzilla is not only good at tackling pop-up trouble but also value their customers.

The STOPzilla package is available at $39.95, which can be quite steep, but there is $20 mail-in rebate. So the actual cost is $19.95, the annual subscription can be extended to two years at $49.95 and three years at $69.95. For the benefit of the users of STOPzilla also enables an additional back-up CD for a sum of $9.95 and is quite a reasonable price. Used in more than sixty countries, STOPzilla's suppression system has done a great job in protecting Internet users from the troublesome pop-ups, adware, spyware, Phishing Attacks, Hi-Jackers, Rogue Programs, Trojans, Rootkits, Drive-By Downloads and lots more. STOPzilla has incorporated the ZILLAsmart auto-update technology in its software and this ensures that users are constantly updated with the most effectual and recent spyware/ adware solution.

Reviews of STOPzilla by leading magazines have been always excellent and this helps it. Internet users trust this popup suppression product. For instance the Laptop Magazine has quoted, “Once it’s installed, STOPzilla is remarkably easy to configure…..Don’t be fooled by its fire-breathing dragon logo and cutesy sound effects. STOPzilla is loaded with features and settings to fine-tune and customize your Web-surfing experience.” Even the Computer Shopper Magazine has said, "There is no better tool for roasting pop-ups." And so many more excellent reviews can be seen on the Internet, STOPzilla has won editor choice awards by CNET, Laptop Magazine and even by popular choice.

In all Stopzilla features can be summed into one box as:

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