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DriveCleaner - Is A Pest / Scam

Ever heard something like bogus anti spywares? Well “bogus” is a very mild expression, “annoyingly deceptive” just seems right. That’s exactly what DriveCleaner is all about. DriveCleaner is nothing but an adware program that claims to be an anti spyware.

It hardly protects the user from any spyware threat and instead it behaves more like a nuisance application. This application is known to give overstated reports of spyware threats, i.e., privacy and security risks that might affect your computer.

Don't Use DriveCleaner

The problem about DriveCleaner is that it is usually attached with a number of additional programs. Mostly a user is always informed regarding the downloading of DriveCleaner, but they usually tend to miss it and therefore the program is installed without their consent.

DriveCleaner Damages Your Computer

Once the DriveCleaner is installed in the user’s computer, he is bound to notice many changes. Increase in the number of pop ups is just one of the many changes that the user is likely to observe. This continuous activity of pop ups basically ruins the user’s Internet experience making the computer slow down.

DriveCleaner Gives You Popup Ads

The pop ups are also known to appear when the user is offline. However, these pop ups are not always advertisements. Some of them are security warnings that DriveCleaner comes up with stating that the user’s computer is infected with spywares and there is a risk to the user’s privacy. It also asks the user to download the latest/full version of DriveCleaner in order to protect his computer from these attacks.

Trial Offer For Drive Cleaner – Don’t Download It

If the user falls for this trick and clicks the download button, the next screen he sees is the online payment details asking him to register the product. The one thing to notice about this program is that it never offers the user the scheme of “trial offer” that many registered anti spywares are known to use.

Even after downloading the full version of DriveCleaner, the user is usually left unsatisfied if his computer actually encounters any spywares. That’s because DriveCleaner is ineffective when it comes to detecting and removing malicious spywares.

The security warnings also display messages stating that if DriveCleaner is not installed, it could lead to unintentional data loss. The security warnings may also messages stating “Windows strongly recommends the installation” with a view to convince the users about some sort of spyware threat.

Considering the situations, it advised that the user removes this program immediately treating it as a harmful adware. Using anti spywares namely SpySweeper or ParetoLogic in this context can easily get rid of this problem.

DriveCleaner is specifically programmed to frighten the users so that they install the program after buying the full version. Removal of DriveCleaner is essential if the user want a hassle-free Internet Experience.

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