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XoftSpy SE Scan Review

Spywares are posing a constant threat to computers, and exposing personal information of the users to others. Many anti spyware softwares have been designed to detect and counter these threats at source. XoftSpySE is one of the most popular anti spywares in the market today.

Being a product of the company ParetoLogic, it uses the same database as other ParetoLogic anti SPYWARES. This database boasts of more than 230,000 malware definitions, which makes the XoftSpySE one of the hottest products to hit the market. The XoftSpySE treats a number of spyware problems, namely, browsing hackers, spybots, Trojan threats, malware, etc.


The installation of this program is fast and easy. Though the user interface looks pretty simple, it is well laid out. The left side of the interface contains the menu, while the right side has the information/results. The menu displays buttons, namely, start scan, scan settings, scheduling, scan results, etc. All one has to do is select a task from the menu and click the “Scan Now” button.

As soon as you install this software in your computer, you can immediately update it and run the scan. Compared to other anti spyware softwares, the XoftSpySE scans at a faster rate. One improvement that this software needs is the categorization of threats in the results window, which it fails in providing.


The XoftSpySE has been put to most rigorous tests and it has performed quite well. When the software was put up against the Spyware Effectiveness Test, it was successful in detecting 66% and quarantine about 55% of spyware that it encountered. With respect to removal, it quarantines each and every spyware that it detects. It means that it consolidates all the spyware that it finds into a single file. This makes it difficult to restore all the threats in order to retrieve the files that you need. This procedure, in turn, makes your computer run in the original poor state. There is a need for selecting the files that you think requires to be quarantined. However, if you opt for the trial version, you will find that it only detects the spyware infecting your computer. In order to quarantine it, you need to buy the full version of the software. Some websites offer free scanning but the benefits of this product can only be enjoyed on purchase of the full version. Due to the option of “Scheduling”, manual scanning is not necessary. This is an added feature compared to its predecessor. Apart from this feature, there are no additions in this software, making it too simple.


The XoftSpySE software proves to be a very good anti spyware having a very good scanning speed (approximately 2 minutes) and that too at a very reasonable price.

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